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Vet Tech Program – Parkland College

My junior year of high school my dog Sadie she got sick she got liver and kidney disease so seeing her and like growing up with her it was kind of hard for me to watch her kind of slowly go but it made me want to help her and …

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LSSC Engineering Technology (Relay Tech) Program

Music As a kid I always wanted to work with animals and work with horses mainly. But as I grew up and I started working in that industry, I began to realize that the animal industry is not a career industry. I wouldn’t say that there’s any one person that’s …

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Sterile Processing Technician–Donna Reich

Hi my name is Donna. I’m a sterile processing technician here at Southwest Washington Medical Center. I began working here about 3 months ago. So I’m still technically in training. I really like it here. There’s something different every day. Sterile processing is the main part of the hospital. Without …

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Tech Company Is Chosen For Accelerator Program

Today, one technology company is making a name for itself. It hopes to change the lives of the entire Deaf community. Ryan: “Most Deaf people can’t afford interpreters or other accommodations out there they might prefer.” Ryan Hait-Campbell is the founder of Motion Savvy. They creators of Motion Savvy also …

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I’ve been standing in the store all day, and not one customer has come the store is completely empty i dont understand…what should i do? idea! guys, sale! come quickly! Oh my god! Sale! yes, come in miss Sister, sister, I will try on you. Sister this clothe Sister, new …

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I Got Custom Clothes From An App

Hello Friends and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be ordering and trying out custom clothing from an app So a few weeks ago I saw this video on twitter proclaiming the benefits of The ZoZo suit which from the looks of it, is essentially like a motion capture …

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