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LSSC Engineering Technology (Relay Tech) Program

Music As a kid I always wanted to work with animals and work with horses mainly. But as I grew up and I started working in that industry, I began to realize that the animal industry is not a career industry. I wouldn’t say that there’s any one person that’s right for the program because I didn’t start out saying I want to be a relay tech when I grow up. I was told by a friend’s parents and I came out to check it out and within 30 minutes I was signed up. The Relay Tech program at LSSC or Lake-Sumter State College is a program where they get the students ready to go into the workforce and be a relay tech which means that they would go out in the field and work on the computers that protect the power lines that you see outside.

The technology at this campus is a lot better than you would even believe. It’s just like walking into a substation and it helps a lot to have access to that kind of technology because it gives you a real world experience. Whenever you go out into the real world you know exactly what you’re looking at. You’ve already worked on those relays, you’ve already tested those relays. Relay techs are in high demand right now because the utility industry is about to lose a lot of their workers due to baby boomers are going out. Here at LSSC they make it very affordable. I actually will be making five times the amount in my first year of work that it took to go through these two years of college. At the end of my internship, I was offered a full-time position when I graduated and I accepted my offer and I will be working for Duke Energy.

I’m very proud of myself for doing it and I’m very happy with the outcome. I got a job, a great paying job and a great career ahead of me. Music .

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