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Durham Tech Opticianry Program

You can use that fitting cross right there and you are trying to line them up horizontally so you can see how they should be about right there So when you trace this up, if this is a quarter and this is zero, how much do you think that is? This the only optical program in the entire state of North Carolina and we have a 100 percent job placement.

Most of our students by the second year have already have 100 percent job placement. What do you think about this one? Those are pretty. Try them on for me. I like them. An OC height because we’re only replacing one lens. You’ve been reading about that? Yep. And since we’re only replacing one lens we have to make sure that the optical center height is gonna end up being the same…

I’m coming from off the optical field already there’s a lot more to it that I’m learning about other than just selling glasses that I didn’t know about Getting proficient in this industry is gonna be really important because eyes we only get one set so if I can play a role in taking care of the community’s eyes I’ll be happy .

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