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Comcast’s CORE Tech Program

The CORE Technology Program is a software and leadership rotational program designed to give you three different experiences in three different cities over two years. It’s just exciting to be able to touch on different parts of business, grow my skill set, and grow my confidence level to where I’m comfortable presenting to different audiences. The program has given me the understanding of how to create a good product and all of the technology that needs to go into something like that, which I’m definitely going to be able to use in the future. Being in this rotational program has given me a new way of thinking about my job, just knowing that no matter what project I’m working on, there’s the bigger picture. This program gave me an opportunity to work with three different teams and knowing how technology can be used in a cable company, how technology can be used in a media company.

To rotate through three different positions in such a short amount of time really helped me to get up to speed very quickly on new technologies, new groups, new work styles, new methods of communication that I don’t think I would have gotten through any other program. I’ve grown the most as a result of this program because of seeing all of the different moving parts of a business and learning about how businesses operate. All the teams that I’ve worked with have been very open to taking the time to teach me new technologies, teach me about the team. I feel like it’s limitless, like there’s new inventions, new technology every day and it just keeps growing and changing, so that’s why I like technology and wanted to be in the technology space. Networking is important. But it’s not just networking, it’s the relationships you build more than that and how you maintain it that takes you a long, long way.

The exposure to different teams and technologies throughout the organization is just something that you’re not going to get anywhere else. The program is just incredibly fertile soil. We’re the seeds, they take us in, they plant us across all the different business units, and they just see what grows. .

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