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Pulaski Tech Early College Program: Dylan Diamond

George Washington Carver once said education is the key to the golden gates of freedom. He wasn’t wrong in this statement, because education is what built our world today. Today, college and undergraduate school is the largest achievement one can accomplish. And because of Pulaski Tech, I’ve been given the opportunity to take college courses while I am in high school I’ve been taking them since the beginning of my eleventh grade year and I’ve taken seven hours every semester and because of that, by the time I graduate high school, I will have 28 hours I will have half of my associates degree and I’ve been awarded a transfer scholarship by University of Central Arkansas.

The early college program has has foundation-ally changed my outlook on the future. It has shorted my anticipated time I would spend on education. It has educated me far more than I expected it to and its given me a great opportunity to meet new people, meet teachers, and connect. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me and the fact that Pulaski Tech has been willing to work with me and several other students from my school about it. It just speaks volumes for the school in itself. The teachers themselves are great and I cant find anything wrong with any of them that I have had. Pulaski Tech has done a great job with their early college program and I would encourage anyone to join. .

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