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Women Leading in Technology – A Program of the Minnesota High Tech Association

(uplifting music) – The thing with Women Leading in Technology, it really is about the event and the program, and it’s about how people feel when they’re there and how do they leave? I started Women Leading in Technology because I just felt a need. I went to a women’s conference, I came back, I was so excited to meet and be around other women like me that are trying to develop their career in technology. And I met some phenomenal women, was inspired by them. – Here, locally, as we’ve seen nationally, there has been a need to connect women across sectors in technology, to have conversations, to do that networking, to share stories, to share best practices, to be able to learn from one another, and to also know where women are in technology across fields. – Technology in general as an industry is changing so fast. And so for anyone in the practice of IT, it’s hard to stay apprised of where technology is going. Statistically, if you were to look at the number of graduates, women graduates in particular, coming out in a computer science field across the nation, those numbers are dwindling.

And so there definitely is a smaller portion of women in the field of technology. – We do have some ways to go when you look at management and C-suite potential for women in the world and people of color. And so we know that this is a place that there’s barriers to still break down. – WLiT’s mission is simple, it’s really about promoting, educating, and empowering people to bring a sense of community of women in technology together. And we do that through outreach programs, we do that through various educational events, and we do that from just the connectedness of bringing people together. – The main thing is like, I learn a lot of new things, like from the panel discussions and how women, what are the things they went through in their career, what are the struggles, and how they work on those hurdles and things like that. – When I attend the events, I feel like I get nuggets from the speakers or the panels, things that I had never heard before, things that really inspire me to look at my job differently or look at my skill set or how I approach things.

I’ve been able to take so many things back to work with me and use them in my everyday life and I can see how I’m growing in my career. – We need people to step up and lead. And we really need to help people grow their leadership capacity. And so when you think about that, you really think about you know, how do we help people learn how to lead upward. And that, I think, is the great opportunity for lots of different types of people to learn how to grow into those C-suite positions all across different sectors, including technology. .

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