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Meet the USU Tech Comm Program

Hey there, my name’s Jess and I’m graduating senior in the Utah State University English department And you know what? My favorite part about the tech comm degree is probably the seller people I got to work with and learn with every single day So me and my good friend Jake who’s also stood in the tech comm program decided to catch up with a couple members of our Little USU tech comm program for a chat about classes USU parking woes and what makes this program so fun Hey, dr.

Ed and Phil, how are you doing? You mind if I ask a few questions sure, great. Let’s walk and talk How does the four how does it feel to be interviewed? How will you been a professor nice how many students do you think you’ve taught a Lot a lot. All right. Can you describe your teaching style in three words? Mac or PC Mac. What are you most excited about for next semester? What’s your biggest phobia I’m a little claustrophobic. Oh, that’s a bad one favorite hobby That’s nice you and Eilish anywhere in the program inspire you any particular people come to mind What’s something you wish techcom students wouldn’t say What’s something you wish to UM students would say a positive attitude they would all pick up Great what is your favorite part of the Things everyone Have a broader social context beyond the Journals beyond our immediate context think about Trying to make a difference in the world.

Yes Just like you’re turning your wheels it’s meaningful. Yeah, beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. Have a nice one Oh Look it’s Delaney a senior Utah State. Let’s check some program. How are you doing Delaney? Ask a few questions. Sure. Let’s walk and talk. Okay. How does it feel to be interviewed like this what we All have you been at Utah State for years? How long have you been in the technical communication program – how many classes have you had in the English building? All of them good already West.

How does it feel to be close to graduation? amazing Well you missed this chapter of your education. Are you glad it’s over? Almost by education, but I am very excited to get a job. It’ll be nice to get paid right? Yes How much effort did you put into the tech comm program the perfect amount? Can you describe yourself as a person in three words classy sassy? And How about yourself a student in three words? The tech comm program in three words Encouraging fun and supportive who’s your favorite professor? Dr. Z philosophy, Jess, Maddie How does inspiration It helps me hone my design where does your inspiration For that design comfort, ah, there’s website called. Aw. W words combat features new kind of websites Examples of how that website has influenced you sure it’s helped me create a more simple style blowjob for breakfast today Eric favorite place to get food on campus Alex favorite place to park on campus the library Which floor that’s right boy good choice Google Docs or word Google Docs.

What’s your favorite computer program? InDesign Mac or PC Mac? What are your plans for after you graduate get a job? how do you feel about ah It’s great with the right people you Enjoyed group work more and other you’ve been to the program or less more How many group projects were you a part of while in the Techtron program, too? many Do you have any group project horror stories too many? How many parking tickets did Utah State or the c1 can give you during your time on campus? Probably like 30 what created uses have you put your thousands of three trips to which your English course lefties entitled you Wonder my personal hold book.

Did you read that book? Did you recycle the paper after yes, did you pull the staples out of it? I? Hope so. Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Have a good one. Thank you We love our USU tech comm family and we think you will too To find out more about the program and what it offers go to tech comm us you die edu .

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