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Wearing Clear Plastic Jeans For A Week

Yes, yes! Oh crap. I have to wear these. Hello friends and welcome to another video. This week, I’m going to be trying out another questionable fashion item, and this time they are the completely see-through jeans. So Topshop created the “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” which I have previously tried …

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Fermented Fashion | Ep. 2 | HardWired ft. iJustine

Gary: I like to leave the smell in there because I want to challenge the public’s perception of this. (music) Justine: When people here the term wearable tech, they probably think about two things: wearable gadgets and electronics. What about the breakthroughs in production methods, for the things that we’ve …

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Embedding technology into clothing

So what we have here is a little line of garments that are being developed, funded by the Imagine Fund here at the University. They are sort of an exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of a couple of specific kinds of electronic technologies. The idea behind them is that I’m …

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Using technology in clothing to improve medicine

So one of the things I look a lot at is embedding sensors into everyday clothing. So instead of something like this skin-tight body suit that hes wearing, to be able to gather information about movement or body position or even physiological signals from something that is more like regular …

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What will people wear in the future? | The Economist

A new wave of innovation is fueling a radical change in fashion wearable technology data automation and lab-grown materials will have a major impact on what people will be wearing in the future we are just seeing a pace of change which is frightening but it’s also incredibly exciting for …

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