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Fermented Fashion | Ep. 2 | HardWired ft. iJustine

Gary: I like to leave the smell in there because I want to challenge the public’s perception of this. (music) Justine: When people here the term wearable tech, they probably think about two things: wearable gadgets and electronics. What about the breakthroughs in production methods, for the things that we’ve …

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The Pocket Washing Machine – Does It Suck?

So today I’ve got an unusual gadget for you Well, you see um … ga it bleh It arrived just like this this is what it looks like in this little bag – what exactly is that? I did a little bit more research and I found out that it’s …

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What’s Hidden In This Hoodie?

So I’ve been making videos for a long time. Sometimes I forget, and I’m sure you do too. It’s been many years. Many products. Over a 1,000 in fact! I have never looked at a product like this before! That’s the truth! Jack can attest to it. This my friends, …

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The tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019

– My name is Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD I make tech videos and reviews and this is what’s in my bag. The first couple years that I didn’t go I watched a lot of videos from CES. I was part interested in the tech and part interested in all the …

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50 Gadgets under $50 🤯

– This is under 50, at Target. Hashtag not an ad. (upbeat music) Now everything featured in this video was purchased. Nothing is sponsored, but if you guys do wanna pick something up featured in this video with the link down below, it does support the channel, which is amazing. …

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Google Stadia wants to be the Netflix of gaming

– So now we are focused on our next big effort, which is to build a game platform for everyone. – Google, this week, announced a bold vision for the future of gaming. It’s a cloud gaming platform called Stadia and it’s the culmination of years of work the company …

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