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Rewind – Forward | The Making of Remember Me

Remember Me is a third-person adventure action game set in 2084 Neo-Paris, in a world where memories have been digitized by a social network called Memorize. In this universe, the player is Nilin, an elite memory hunter with the power to steal your memories, to change them in order to …

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How AI will completely change video games

Whether you know it or not, you use artificial intelligence all the time. Maybe you own a smart speaker or you’ve seen a self-driving car or you’ve used Google Photos to search for images of your cat. Now, there’s also a good chance you’ve played a video game that happens …

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What’s On My Phone – Apps & Games for Android & iOS

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here, and I’m back again with another video, this time talking about, what is on my phone? Now, this is an iPhone here. However, each one of these apps and games is also available on Android. Let’s take a look. To start off with, we’re going …

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LGR: Just call me a cold, calculated killer. Greetings and welcome to an LGR thing, and, yes, we’re gonna be playing Doom on one of these! One of these! This is a Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. Released… way too long ago and still costs too freakin’ much! Unless …

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