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New Discovery Could Unlock Graphene’s Full Potential

Graphene holds the promise of the future of engineering and technology, it’s like a miracle substance! It was discovered in 2004, and we’ve had a lot of trouble making it… until now. Hey graph-heads, Trace here for DNews. Remember wayyy back in 2013 when we learned graphene capacitors might make …

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Embedding technology into clothing

So what we have here is a little line of garments that are being developed, funded by the Imagine Fund here at the University. They are sort of an exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of a couple of specific kinds of electronic technologies. The idea behind them is that I’m …

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The SCIENCE! – WTF is wrong with lightsabers in Star Wars?

Dear Lucasa–wait, you know what, no. This–this just isn’t the right way to do this. Hi, it’s me! Austin! I’ve been playing LucasArts games almost as long as I can remember, going all the way back to the dark ages of the 90s and the amazing Point-And-Click adventure game Indiana …

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