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Retro Tech: Game Boy

Hello. All right, you come over all the way to this side… – Okay. – …behind the table. – What’s your name? Raja, Marques. – Raja. – Good to meet you. – Marques. Nice to meet you. – I wanna give you this. It’s a blindfold. – Cool. So go …

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Top 7 Reasons Why Mobile Games are Awful

So you’ve probably Visited the Android play store and thought to yourself Oh boy now I feel like I want to hurl chunks everywhere because this is awful You wouldn’t be too far from the truth because it is absolutely awful gaming on mobile can often be complete and utter …

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Not TF2: The Mobile Games

Soldier Team Fortress 2 survived 1,000 downloads now it’s time for the soldiers tf2 you can use a bazooka shotgun and shovel how long can you survive with soldier tf2 what am I supposed to do hang on okay here’s my bazooka soldier yet you’re looking a bit of a …

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How Not to Make Mobile Games

If you dream of owning a big house and a nice car, you study hard and slowly climb the ladder, with pure effort and determination. But you need not work so hard. There’s an easier way to make much more money, much much faster. The door to your success is …

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