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Embedding technology into clothing

So what we have here is a little line of garments that are being developed, funded by the Imagine Fund here at the University. They are sort of an exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of a couple of specific kinds of electronic technologies. The idea behind them is that I’m …

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Using technology in clothing to improve medicine

So one of the things I look a lot at is embedding sensors into everyday clothing. So instead of something like this skin-tight body suit that hes wearing, to be able to gather information about movement or body position or even physiological signals from something that is more like regular …

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Forge of Empires: Hanseatic League Trailer

www.hanseaticleague.gq Before my grandfather’s grandfather was born, this was our land. These are our good places; our gods live here, in the trees and the rivers. They watch over us. We are happy: we hunt, we love, we have families, homes, a good life. But sometimes we must fight! They …

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